Polyclinique Hammamet : Produits alimentaires cancérigènes

The tunisian ministry of Health announced in a press release that the products in respect of which the algerian authorities have warned against the consumption contain additives F211, E330, E171, E102, E307, E339, and E325.

These products are essentially of the juice of the brands Delta, Maza, Moneech, SUN UP, Freshy and Super Squash, chips from the brand Batal, the biscuit, Custard Cream, milk brand Luna and biscuits, and United, and Cookie Caster, said the press release.

The ministry of Health has stressed that these additives are allowed in Tunisia. Except for the E102 yellow tartrazine banned in Tunisia since 1979. The ministry called on consumers not to buy these products via the parallel circuits and do not consume products containing the following additives : E102, E131 and E123.

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